Climate Change Mitigation

Climate change mitigation consists of actions to limit the magnitude or rate of global warming and its related effects. This generally involves reductions in human emissions of greenhouse gases and decreasing other impactors on climate. Ultimately global consumption beyond a sustainable level has negative impacts and it is this balance of need and consumption that, ultimately, will lead to a sustainable future.

EcoThailand advises and encourages individuals businesses and organisations to minimize their Global Impacts … through decreased consumption, less impactful use of resources and recycling of used materials.

We take an holistic and practical approach believing that a multi-faceted step wise and gradual change in the Thai Gulf is more likely to yield positive results in the longer term.

Our projects include Environmental Guardianship teaching of school children, (todays kids are the leaders of tomorrow), we sponsor and are local organizers of the Government TGO Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS) which is designed to decrease carbon footprints of businesses, communities and organizations via recycling. We are an organizer of the Phangan Island multi-group ‘World Cleanup Day’ annual event, supporters of beach and inland cleanup volunteer groups, local recycling businesses and advisors for environmental building design, all of which provide numerous small steps towards a ‘greener’, more sustainable lifestyle and community.

Should your business wish to enroll in the EcoThailand sponsored TGO Low Emission Support Scheme, or any other of our activities, please Contact Us for more details.

Low Emission Support Scheme Certifications:

ecothailand less scheme
Sarikantang Resort and Spa certification
less scheme ecothailand
ecothailand low emission support scheme
Seaflower Bungelows certification

low emission support ecothailand tgo
ecothailand TGO scheme
Kupu Kupu Resort certification
low emission support scheme ecothailand
low emission support scheme ecothailand
LESS Certification for EcoThailand by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Bangkok