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Our Story

Our group consists of an international team, led by thai nationals, evolving from a prior 5 year Thai government initiative (CBFCM) which had several notable ecological, environmental and community successes in Surat Thani province, Thailand.

With the completion of the project in 2015 a number of those involved wished to build on these successes and continue the work to maintain a clean and bio-diverse environment and to continue to support the people of the Thai Gulf – through direct action, interaction with local communities, education and awareness raising of children, adults. businesses and local authorities and promotion of community philanthropy – to ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘Shift the Power’.

ecothailand community story phangan samui tao

Almost uniquely in this area, we integrate and co-ordinate efforts of both local thai individuals, communities, government agencies, NGO’s, businesses, interested foreign parties and visitors to Thailand.

We are one of only a handful of Thai Registered Charity Foundations in the Thai Gulf, having achieved full registration in 2017.