Fiscal Agency

Small, community-led groups and organizations face laborious processes and liabilities in order to achieve a tax-exempt status. EcoThailand can help remove some of those barriers by acting as their fiscal sponsor and enabling them to receive income tax-free donations. During 2021 we hope to be also able to offer tax exemption for donors.

A fiscal agent is an established tax-exempt organization that agrees to accept donations on behalf of a group that does not have formal charitable tax exemption. Under this arrangement, a charitable group can get more funding to perform its mission and be consistent with Thai legal practice.

Donations made to an organization for which EcoThailand is the Fiscal Agent are processed by our staff.  EcoThailand would generally request a 5% charitable commission for account management, liability, auditing and reporting. EcoThailand Alliance Network Partners are eligible for a discounted contribution.

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