In 2020, in part funded by a GFCF grant allocation, and extended by a UNDP grant in 2021, in response to the Covid19 situation, EcoThailand significantly boosted its MicroGrants program which is designed to kickstart or enable new or innovative projects on Koh Phangan and some of the surrounding Gulf Islands. The focus of MicroGrants is towards the enhancement or support of the local environment and its communities.

MicroGrants generally would be valued in the range of 1000-10,000 thb and are potentially renewable at intervals. The applicants must supply an equivalent amount, or more, to the contribution made by EcoThailand, whether in cash or in goods or services, valued at market prices. 

All grant holders are automatically enrolled into the EcoThailand Alliance Network and should, wherever possible and appropriate, strive to follow the Alliance Network vision and objectives.

Applicants should submit a case in writing to EcoThailand for evaluation, please Contact Us for further information.

EcoThailands decision on all applications is final.

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Grants are not awardable for:

  • proposals presented or directed by governmental entities;
  • proposals presented by individuals or by for-profit organisations unless specifically targeted at environmental or local community support;
  • proposals presented by groups that do not contribute financial or in-kind resources to the proposed activities;
  • proposals related to political parties or partisan movements;
  • purely religious or sectarian activities;
  • projects that are the direct responsibility of the local or national government;
  • requests for donations in excess of the maximum amount defined for this fund;
  • projects whose objectives do not work toward a shared self-help capacity

MicroGrant Awards 2020:

MicroGrant Awards 2021

Paluai crab bank
Phaluai crab bank
Microgrant undp
Community garden phangan
Phangan trecking
Folkvangr phangan
Koh paluay microgrant

Selected MicroGrant Awards 2022/23

phanganrescue Reptile
EcoThailand Foundation
EcoThailand Foundation
EcoThailand Foundation