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EcoThailand needs your help and support in order to maintain our Community and Environmental Activities and Projects within the Thai Gulf, please contact us if you need further information – options include working with us, donations and sponsorship.

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Financial Donations, Sponsorship and Grant Aid – How can I donate?

A significant proportion of our financial support comes from corporate and individual donations which aid us in our community and environmental efforts. We very much appreciate your interest and support should you wish to help in this way.

Donations can be ‘one time’ or recurrent, sponsorship can be for short or long term projects, grant aid is always welcome from granting bodies.

Donations can be made by PayPal and major credit cards, by bank transfer, or PayPal or Thai Bank QR Code Scan.

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Global donors can click on the Donate buttons on our pages which will take you to our secure PayPal donations payment site. Donations can be given by credit card or PayPal in US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euros or Thai Baht. The donation sum is entered in GBP but can be paid from GBP, USD , EU and THB accounts in those currencies.

If you have a Thai bank account with QR e-payments … just scan our Thai Banking QR Code, or alternatively you can scan the PayPal QR Code for payment via PayPal.

Payments can also be made directly into our bank account by bank transfer, our paying in banking details are:

Account name holder: ecothailand :  มูลนิธินิเวศวิถี

Krungsri bank (Bank of Ayudhya, Swift code AYUDTHBK)

Account: 635-1-12020-4

With many thanks from the EcoThailand Team

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All of EcoThailands key directors are unpaid volunteers ensuring that the maximum resource and finance goes to those groups and projects most in need with minimal internal overheads.

As a registered charity we are subject to, and compliant with, annual independent financial audits, accounting, employment and immigration law.

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Interns and Volunteers

We work to help the local communities and the environment in many ways, and our supporters can do also … If you would like to help us in achieving our objectives by applying your skills and time in this way please visit our Interns and Volunteer page for further information.