EcoThailand Bird Watching Club

EcoThailand, in conjunction with other groups, take part in bird watching events on the Surat Thani mainland and are now extending their bird watching and ornithology activities and have formed a club for students on Koh Phangan island. Starting with students at Phangan Suksa School we hope to extend this to anyone interested on the island, and through this interest and engagement we hope to foster a greater appreciation for nature and our environment more generally.

Support and help for our club is always welcome, to purchase binoculars and spotting scopes and so expand the club capabilities. A few dollars, pounds, euros or baht will buy binoculars and bird watching scopes for our young (and not so young) budding birdwatchers – see our Support page for ways to help.

ecothailand birdwatching club

EcoThailand Birdwatching Picture Gallery: