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EcoThailand see literacy, critical thinking and responsible stewardship as intertwined, and we have an opportunity to inspire positive action through knowledge. We also believe that the communities we work in, and with, have much to contribute to the world’s wisdom on living sustainably.

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ecothailand education training

At the ground level, our approach is to work within schools, communities and businesses to boost education, building quality knowledge on nature and current environmental challenges, and collaborating on project and action-based learning that fosters local environmental leadership and guardianship for both children, youth, adults and organizations. We build on the Thai state education system teaching Thai, Myanmar (Burmese) and foreigner students across cultures and communities.

At community and business levels we can inform, advise, train and guide on a wide range of sustainable and environmentally aware practices including eco and community tourism, resource conservation, recycling and minimizing environmental impacts.

Environmental Guardianship

environmental guardianship

Bird Watching Club

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Teaching Sala & Workshop

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Phangan Informal School

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