EcoThailand undertakes a holistic and multifaceted but practical approach to maintaining and improving the local environment and a reverence for nature is a central value in everything we do. We are at a critical point in human history, with environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity accelerating at a frightening pace. Together, as individuals and communities, we must learn — or relearn — how to live sustainably with our environment and other life on earth

Education: How to Strengthen a Student’s Connection to Nature Through Environmental Education and the concept of Environmental Guardianship …. within both the state and independent schools systems.

Adult Workshops and Seminars: we provide environmental advice and training to community groups, moo baan, government departments and businesses.

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Community Engagement: bringing together interested parties, whether individuals, private businesses, local community groups or governmental organisations, to facilitate practical outcomes.

Action: undertaking directed action and activities to address specific issues, be they illegal trash dumping, habitat degradation, wildlife, pollution control, and many others.

Resources: providing resources, be it financial, skill sets, effort, knowledge or information, to enable local businesses and community projects to successfully deliver.


EcoThailand Foundation are pleased to have been accepted as members of the Global Waste Cleaning Network.

GWCN is currently the largest and most widespread environmental and energy network with reach to 186 countries and focus on Environment Protection and Green Energy; subjects which are of serious importance to the habitants on planet Earth. We are at the forefront of growing a solid platform and thriving network of environment and energy companies, NGOs, and institutions, both private and public; which are actively involved in environmental issues, advocating carbon reduction and waste management of all kinds; i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous waste, which adversely impact lives, flora and fauna and ecosystems. GWCN also incorporates a Research Center served by PhDs and researchers from around the world writing articles on about 20 environmental and energy areas of specialization, global and/or with focus on specific geographical regions and countries. The research center is in partnership with the eminent School of Water, Energy and Environment of Cranfield University, UK.

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A more detailed look at some of our active areas:

Climate Change Mitigation

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Biowaste & Composting

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Tree Conservation

tree conservation

Sea, River Water, & Air Quality

phangan sea water quality

Crab Banks

ecothailand crab bank

World Cleanup Day

ecothailand world cleanup day

Eco Assessments & Action

eco assessment action