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EcoThailand undertakes a holistic and multifaceted but practical approach to maintaining and improving the local environment and a reverence for nature is a central value in everything we do. We are at a critical point in human history, with environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity accelerating at a frightening pace. Together, as individuals and communities, we must learn — or relearn — how to live sustainably with our environment and other life on earth

Education: How to Strengthen a Student’s Connection to Nature Through Environmental Education and the concept of Environmental Guardianship …. within both the state and independent schools systems.

Adult Workshops and Seminars: we provide environmental advice and training to community groups, moo baan, government departments and businesses.

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Community Engagement: bringing together interested parties, whether individuals, private businesses, local community groups or governmental organisations, to facilitate practical outcomes.

Action: undertaking directed action and activities to address specific issues, be they illegal trash dumping, habitat degradation, wildlife, pollution control, and many others.

Resources: providing resources, be it financial, skill sets, effort, knowledge or information, to enable local businesses and community projects to successfully deliver.

A more detailed look at some of our active areas:

World Cleanup Day

ecothailand world cleanup day

Climate Change Mitigation

ecothailand climate mitigation

Sea & River Water Quality

ecothailand water quality

Crab Banks

ecothailand crab bank

Eco Assessments & Action

eco assessment action