Our Team

Our Board of Directors consists of 3 Thai Nationals and one Associate Board Member, a UK National. All bring with them a broad range of experience, qualifications and skills. Our 2 registered offices are in Surat Thani City and on Koh Phangan.

In addition we have a standing volunteer team of 4 Thai members based on Koh Phangan, 4 Thai members based on the mainland and a variable number of both Thai and foreign temporary Interns and Volunteers. Contract staff are also engaged for certain specific needs, activities and services.

From time to time we do have vacancies for Interns and Volunteers … see our ‘Resources – Interns and Volunteers‘ page for more information.

noi ecothailand director

Executive Director –
Jiraporn Pierret (Noi)

Noi has a Bachelor of Science (Biology) first degree from Ramkhamhaeng University and experience in the hospitality business area and working with children at Animatrice au centre loisirs à chevry cossigny. She has lived and worked in both Thailand and France.

Co-Founder, Vice Director and Secretary –
Jintamard Sinlapaprommard (Jinta/Moo)

Jinta has a Bachelor of Science (Medical Technology) degree from Chulalongkorn University and a Masters in Environmental Studies from The University of Newcastle, Australia. She also holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Sukhothaithammathiraj University and a Certificate in Ecotourism qualification from Tai Poutini Polytechnic, New Zealand. She has a Certificate of Completion on the Integration of Climate Change into Provincial Development Planning from the Thai Office of Resources, Environmental Policy and Planning, and a Certificate of Attendance, Course on Environmental Protection and Health Management from the Singapore Environment Institute, National Environment Agency, Republic of Singapore. She is a member of Reptile Rescue Phangan Association.

Tukta Finance director ecothailand

Finance Director –
Nutthamon Sinlapaprommard (Tukta)

Tukta has a Bachelor of Home Economics (Community  Nutrition) degree from Sukhothaithammathirat University and a Master of Science (Applied Behavioral Science) from the Behavioral Science Research Institute , Srinakharinwirot University. She also holds a Diploma in Nursing Science from Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Surat Thani, and a Certificate of Bird-Watching from the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST).

John cofounder and benefactor ecothailand

Co-Founder and Benefactor – John Fitton

John was a co-founder and benefactor involved in the formation of EcoThailand in 2015. He graduated from Leicester University, UK, with a first degree in Biological Sciences and subsequently obtained a Doctorate with a Molecular Bioscience based thesis submission. After a period as a Lecturer in Biochemistry he joined a global bioscience company, initially as a research team leader and then as a senior project manager. He has some 40 scientific journal and patent applications published and brings both an in depth understanding of bioscience and projects management skills to the Foundation. He has a lifelong interest in the environment and sustainable living, and lived on a rural smallholding for 20 years. He is an experienced scuba Dive Leader and Training Officer, with both BSAC and PADI qualifications.

Key Associate Members:

ecothailand key associates

MS. Nongyao Yuthachana –
Bachelor of Science ( Public Health) Mahidol University,
Master of Science (Appropriate Technology and Innovation for Environment)


-Facilitator process

-Waste management

ecothailand key associates

MS. Apornrat Thongnoppakun –
Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics) Kasetsart University,
Master of Science (Environmental Management) National Institute of Development Administration

– Riverspy

– Facilitator

– Waste management

– Environmenal friendly lifestyle

mangrove ecology

Dr Wijarn Meepol

PhD Forestry, University of Philippines

Consideration of sustainable management of mangroves in Ranong Biosphere Reserve

Biomass estimation of mangroves in Ranong.

Chris ecothailand

Chris Taylor

Christopher completed his horticultural qualifications in 2000 and then began teaching horticulture as a therapeutic practice in an acute psychiatric hospital and prison. He has been developing and managing community-focused land projects for 20 years, working in Portugal, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and the UK. Specialising in habitat restoration in conjunction with integrated food and medicine production.

Local representative, Koh Phangan


MS Thanin Hiriotappa (Taeng)

Bachelor of dentistry, Mahidol university

Interested in eco-systems, recycle organization and upcycling production.

Involved also with Trash Hero Phangan and a board member of both Phangan Animal Care (PACS) and Reptile Rescue Phangan.

our team

Event Manager and Project Coordinator
Juna Tollkuci

B.S. Psychology.

Treatment Coordinator in Residential Drug Rehabilitation Facility (5 Years)

Kindergarden Assistant (3 years) and Ashram Volunteer Coordinator (2 years)

Yoga teacher and Permaculture interest.

our team ecothailand

Kanokluck Jampadaneg (Leela)

Thai medicinal herbs


Kim Visudharomn

Thai medicinal herbs


ecothailand foundation team

Dave Price generalist


our team

Avinoam Kahn




Permaculturalist and horticulture


And a big ‘Thanks’ to our many volunteers!