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Schools Environmental Guardianship

EcoThailand offers wide ranging schools training in Environmental focused activity, study, mentoring and leadership training which forms the basis of our Environmental Guardianship program

Over 600 children have had the experience of working with EcoThailand in a variety of training events, from drop in sessions at Community Events to more structured Activity Days held for schools hosted at The National Park Paeng site, Phangan, a mangrove area or local beach.
Our training days have the objective of helping to develop young environmental leaders … the youth of today are the movers and shakers of tomorrow!

Our courses and training cover a broad scope of environmental issues, from global warming through pollution control and recycling and are activity, rather than classroom based.

Activity based learning and education has also included beach contaminant identification, quantitation, analysis and environmental impact of both macro and microplastics for school children as well as nature spy sessions.

Our Environmental Guardianship and Schools Activities – 2018 & 2019:

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environmental guardianship
environmental guardianship

Our Environmental Guardianship and Schools Activities – 2020:

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