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EcoThailand see literacy, critical thinking and responsible stewardship as intertwined, and we have an opportunity to inspire positive action through knowledge. We also believe that the communities we work in, and with, have much to contribute to the world’s wisdom on living sustainably and in achieving a pollution free world for our children.

EcoThailand offers wide ranging schools training in Environmental focused activity, study, mentoring and leadership training which forms the basis of our Environmental Guardianship program. We focus our work towards Thai State and Independent Schools for Disadvantaged Children on the Thai Gulf Islands, with 10 schools on Koh Phangan and 15 schools on Koh Samui and additional schools on the smaller islands.

Over 600 children have had the experience of working with EcoThailand in a variety of training events, from drop in sessions at Community Events to more structured Activity Days held for schools hosted at a National Park, a mangrove area, community events or local beach.

Our courses and training cover a broad scope of environmental issues, from global warming through pollution control and recycling and are activity, rather than classroom based and our objectives are to energize and motivate young Thai children to become the environmentally aware leaders of tomorrow.

A few dollars, pounds, euros or baht will provide pencils and notebook for one childs environmental day, 20 USD will support a child for a full days education including their lunchtime meal, 50 USD will provide lunch for 10 students, 300 USD will support a full days Guardianship Training for a class of 20.

If you have a Thai bank account with QR e-payments … just scan our Thai Banking QR Code.

With many thanks, from the kids, the schools, the community and The EcoThailand Team.

As a registered charity we are subject to, and compliant with, annual independent financial audits, accounting, employment and immigration law. All EcoThailand Directors work on a voluntary unpaid basis so maximising funding for our projects.

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Account: 635-1-12020-4

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