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EcoThailand Community Philanthropy in the Thai Gulf

EcoThailand has a firm belief in Local Community Philanthropy as a means of helping and supporting the in need communities and their people in the Thai Gulf – Community philanthropy combines long-term local asset development with a focus on strengthening community capacities and agency.

During the difficult years of 2020-2022 we have ‘given back’ to local communities in need in excess of 2,000,000 baht and considerable time and effort from our members and Alliance Partners. It is our intention that this level of support will continue

for the benefit of the Thai Gulf Islands and those that live there.

What is Community Philanthropy? A powerful and simple logic underpins the basic idea:

  • Community philanthropy is based on the premise that all communities have their own assets (money, skills, knowledge, networks, etc.). When these are pooled together, they build community power and voice.
  • By contributing their own resources, with further support from external sources, people start to feel like co-investors with a stake in their own development.
  • When people feel they have something at stake, they care more about the outcomes, and evidence shows that they become more invested in acting in ways that advance and protect their collective interests.
  • When local contributions are brought to the table, a different, flatter kind of power dynamic is created when dealing with external donors, which challenges traditional donor-beneficiary interaction.
  • When local resources are mobilized, new, more horizontal forms of accountability emerge, based on trust and transparency.

We support a wide range of local initiatives and groups including Rai Vithi, Phangan Health Volunteer Garden, Informal School Garden, Green Phangan Garden Group, Raitiaviset Organic Cooperative, Samui Community Garden, Crab Banks at Baan Tai, Baan Kai and Wok Tum, the fishing community of Koh Phaluai, Phangan Emergency Rescue Group, the thai community projects of Free Yoga Community Samui, and our educational projects in local Thai schools.

Work in supporting our local island communities and residents is critically dependent on our funding sources – Funding for our community support comes in a variety of ways, ranging from international grant aid to local donors and benefactors.

If you, your business, or people or businesses you know, would like to help us in our initiatives to support local projects and communities please contribute using one of the many payment methods available.

With many thanks, from The EcoThailand Team.

If you have a Thai bank account with QR e-payments … just scan our Thai Banking QR Code, donations via Stripe online, crypto, credit card, cheque etc using our international payment option buttons. USA based individuals may make tax exempt 501 (c)(3) payments.

By Direct Bank Transfer

Payments can also be made directly into our bank account by bank transfer, our paying in banking details are:

Account name holder: ecothailand :  มูลนิธินิเวศวิถี

Krungsri bank (Bank of Ayudhya, Swift code AYUDTHBK)

Account: 635-1-12020-4

As a registered charity we are subject to, and compliant with, annual independent financial audits, accounting, employment and immigration law. All EcoThailand Directors work on a voluntary unpaid basis so maximising funding for our projects.