EcoThailand attend Marplasticcs event in Bangkok

Thanks to IUCN for inviting you to the Ecotourism Foundation's presentation. By the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),
we know about the plastic micro-research of Dr. Wayne Phillip. Mahidol University
Program Chula Zero Waste by Dr. Suchitra ascendancy well as
business waste recycling and social movements by Prem polyphony Keio owner Ti Lung Leng's waste disappear.

Presentation on beach debris and microplastic education for school children of Koh Phangan Suksa School.
Dr.wayne Philips - Microplastics: small plastics, big problem
Dr. Sujitra Vassanadumrongdee - Chula Zero Waste Project
EcoThailand by Jintamard Sinlapaprommard
- Education project
Three Wheel facebook page Prem Pruktayanon
- Recycling business and social movement